Rooted in ancient wisdom, nurtured by nature

At Bodhi Balance we particularly focus on the healing powers of nature to achieve inner stillness and help balance the body, both mentally. emotionally and physically.

Having been passionate about the natural environment from an early age, Maria has achieved a deeper appreciation of the healing gifts nature provides through yoga. This is reflected within her teaching, which encourages an awareness of our connection to Gaia (Mother Earth), embracing nature’s rhythms and the cycles of our bodies. 

' I believe that to align with nature provides the greatest opportunity for deep connection to the self, bringing calm and inner peace.'

Unearthing the transformative power of yoga

Always drawn to nature, Maria achieved a BA in Natural Science at Trinity College Dublin, before obtaining a doctorate in Environmental Science at Lancaster University. It was around this time that she discovered yoga, her interest being particularly ignited by Chakra Evolution (CE) Yin Yoga after meeting Collette Corcoran at the Urban Buddha Studio UK.  Her first private yoga session, however, became a  life-changing experience and ultimately sparked a journey of self-healing and the discovery of her true self. 

Travelling to Bali, Maria trained as a Yoga Alliance Accredited CE Yoga Teacher. Maria considers continual learning foundation to her teaching and practice. She subsequently has undertaken further training in Yin and Sports Yoga with highly respected, Irish and UK teachers and continues to invest in her learning through further courses with regular attendance at local and international workshops, courses and retreats. She has also completed further professional training in massage and in using essential oils, which again, ties in with using the healing properties of nature. 

Mindful Warrior: Finding the Art of Stillness

With all the hustle and bustle around us, our minds are constantly busy with a never-ending pool of thoughts, worries, plans and ideas. This can feel very draining and stressful especially when we are not living in alignment with our true self. Surrendering to stillness,the ancient art of slowing down, can seem almost impossible!

For Maria, yoga is a lifestyle choice supporting healing and inner stillness - a path to meaning, peace, contentment and being at ease. Keen to help others do the same, she subsequently launched Bodhi Balance in 2017 to share her learning and experience.

Bodhi Balance: The story behind our brand

‘Bodhi’ – ‘awakening’/‘awareness’. Bodhi is a holy tree native to India and South East Asia and represents nature and the consciousness. It also evokes the elements of earth, water, air and fire; of fitness and the chakra system, particularly the base (earth) chakra, Gaia.

‘Balance’ – a word that holds significant meaning for Maria with regards to achieving work/life balance and being aligned to the true self so we can achieve our goals and desires.

‘Our logo’ –Designed by the amazingly talented Shawn from Source Creations our logo captures the flow of movement towards balance and harmony through sacred mathematics. Our brand name at the centre creates a seventh point. Seven the number of mystery and feminine energy or Gaia, evoking again the element of Mother Earth.

What People have said ... 

‘Having completed Maria’s six-week journey through the chakras I would genuinely recommend her as an instructor and her yin yoga classes. I found each beneficial as a stand-alone but enjoyed the first one so much I signed up for the whole set!’ - Paula McCann.

‘Maria has a great understanding of how the body and mind work together … This is intelligent yoga practice with a spiritual twist.– Ann Curley.

‘I highly recommend Yin Yoga to anyone who does any kind of sport or who sits at a desk or drives a lot. Maria is amazing at what she does and her teaching is brilliant. I can’t recommend her highly enough.’ – Elaine Caul.

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