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Community Classes and Private Tuition 

‘Yoga’ means ‘to yoke’ or ‘connect’, and at the root of our practice, we aim to create unity within ourselves and with others. Bringing people together, and creating community, is yoga! In the busyness of today's world, Community, and holding space for each other in stillness, is more important than ever. At the heart of our yoga offering at Bodhi Balance is the bringing of people together in their community and homes, through both private and public classes, to share and enjoy the transformative and healing benefits of yin yoga – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 

Private yoga (single, duet or small group) rates are competitive to private therapy/fitness industry and vary slightly depending on location, class time, and package type. I’ll give you a personalised quote once we’ve had a chat about your needs and what exactly you would like to get out of your private classes.  Get in touch via the button below!

Public classes take place Fridays at Naas Holistic Centre Yoga Studio. See the 'Book Your Mat' button for upcoming classes and booking. 


Enjoy some chill out time and experience the magic of Yin Yoga through these 2hr workshops inspired by nature or the body's energy systems supporting chi flow and emotional equilibrium. Guided by the breath, postures are held for between 3-10 mins, where your body will be fully supported by bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets to enable you to completely let go and relax. Physically this works into our connective tissue and fascia layers improving flexibility and joint mobility. This is especially important as we age, or if we sit / drive for prolonged periods or play sports that tighten our muscles. Mentally, the various tenets of Yin Yoga have a strong mindfulness benefit, helping us to find stillness, calm and ultimately deep relaxation. 

Pop-up workshops are run throughout the year, see “book your mat” below or contact us for upcoming events or further information. All abilities catered and everyone is welcome. 

*Flexibility is not a requirement, only a willingness to come to stillness!*

Sports Yoga

If you are asking can Yoga help me improve my athletic performance the answer is, most definitely, yes! All athletes, either professional or recreational, will be challenged both mentally and physically. Yoga offers a unique opportunity to improve performance and resistance to injury. At Bodhi Balance we offer bespoke sessions geared to your specific sport incorporating mindfulness mechanisms for mind and body training. 

Corporate Classes and Wellness Events

At Bodhi Balance we give careful consideration to the diverse work environments that employees are a part of and provide tailored classes to a variety of group sizes and ability levels, as part of company wellness programmes. Please get in touch below for information and a quote. We are very happy to discuss your specific needs.